Students options open with new courses.

Students in need of preparation for the ACT can find solace next year as the Guidance Office revealed a new ACT preparation course planned to be set in motion this upcoming year.

This class will be a free, semester-long, half-credit class that for the first quarter will be an english preparation, followed by a math preparation next quarter.

“We will be offering two new online AP classes next year: Computer Science and Environmental Studies. It’s basically an eighth hour students can take.” said Guidance Counselor Kathy Bargeon.

This opens up new opportunities for students to get ahead before college, and even prepare for the ride. The new ACT prep class will provide students with an idea of what the ACT will be like.

“I feel this addition will be great for the school and really help out students in need of prep for the ACT” said sophomore Nicholas Schuler.

FHC isn’t the first school to do this either, Saint Charles West added an ACT prep class 2 years back and their ACT average went up 3 points. La Due was also a school that saw a significant increase in scores after adding the ACT prep course.

“I believe that this class will lead us to increasing our score average by at least two points.” said Mrs. Bargeon.