Oscar ups and downs

All day on Monday it seemed I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing something in relation to Hollywood’s biggest night of the year: The Academy Awards Ceremony. As an actor, the awards are sort of like my Super Bowl. This year’s theme was Music in Movies and was hosted by Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane.

As far as hosting goes, it’s typically somewhat of a hit or miss each year. Yet, this year it was somewhere in between. MacFarlane’s jokes were at times quite charming, but at others I felt his jokes were distasteful and crude for such an occasion. For instance, his song about seeing certain actresses’ anatomy in various films was not only disrespectful, but even bordered on being considered sexist. Jokes like that are great for Family Guy and all, but are simply trashy in regards to a formal event.

Nonetheless, the night was full of exciting moments for avid movie-watchers. There were Oscar winners who I was thrilled to see win. Anne Hathaway’s Best Supporting Actress win was definitely deserved as her performance in “Les Miserables” was both moving and compelling. Every single actor in the Best Supporting Actor category was incredible, making any choice the Academy made satisfactory to me. The always impressive Christoph Waltz ended up taking home the Oscar for “Django: Unchained.” Then, there were the Best Actor and Best Actress categories, which are always debatable and sometimes infuriating.

Best Actor went to Daniel Day Lewis for “Lincoln,” which was expected to happen by most people and was no surprise as he clearly deserved it. However, Hugh Jackman was also nominated and I do feel that his performance was just as Oscar worthy in “Les Miserables.” Then again, is there any really any way to beat Day Lewis?

Then, there was the moment that ruined my euphoria. The Best Actress category consisted of Emanuelle Rivera, Sally Field, Jessica Chastain, Quevenzhane Wallis, and Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence ended up winning — this was the point where I started yelling at the television.

Don’t get me wrong, the girl is incredibly talented. In “Winter’s Bone,” she was breathtaking. Even in the “Hunger Games” she impressed me. I saw “Silver Linings Playbook” and loved it. However, her performance was full of what we call in the acting world “easy choices.” She yelled a bit, cried a bit, and was sarcastic and dark like she normally is. The character itself was not incredibly challenging to portray. In comparison to Jessica Chastain in “Zero Dark Thirty,” or really any of Chastain’s movies… Lawrence fell way short of deserving the Oscar over her.

Then there was the Best Picture of the Year award, which went to Ben Affleck’s “Argo.” I do feel that the movie was great and definitely well made; however, 2013 was a fantastic year in movies and there were other nominees that I enjoyed far more and would have liked to see get the recognition instead. That’s just the way it is though, politics play a pretty large part in deciding who wins anyways. His overall body of work, and the attempt of the Academy to compensate for his not being nominated for Best Director could have easily swayed the decision in his favor. Therefore, I suppose I can simmer down about the losses and wins because there are many factors to be considered that I simply am ignorant to. Besides, despite the issues that I’ve pointed out– I found the 2013 Academy Awards Ceremony to be a night to be remembered and enjoyed.