“Basic Vacation” is more than just basic

Madison Viola reviews Basic Vacation’s self-titled debut EP.

When I received the opportunity to review Basic Vacation’s self-titled debut EP, I have to admit I had low expectations for this band simply because I had never heard anything about them before. Just by listening to the first 30 seconds of the first track, I knew I had underestimated the alternative pop-rock trio.

 The band is made up of drummer Mike Montalbano, bassist Jon Paul, and vocalist/guitarist Chris Greatti. It’s hard to believe the trio just formed in 2012 because their chemistry together is on point. Their EP has a total of five songs and they are all worthy of a foot tap or  even a full out “dance like no one is watching” situation.

 The EP opens up with their most popular song, “I Believe.” This catchy, upbeat tune had me dancing around my room in no time. The song exemplifies the positivity of the band within the lyrics, “I believe in me you, and all the things I love in life and all the things I do, I like, they come from me and you.” This song conjures up good vibes.

 The second track, “Jamie,” carries a more chilled out groove that would sound excellent blasting through some headphones. Though it’s not as energetic as the other songs on the EP, it still is able to match the sense of a favorable atmosphere.

 Every song on “Basic Vacation” has an element that brings out the happy-go-lucky side of you. You just can’t help but relax and dance around when you’re listening to this wonderful debut EP by a great new band. Basic Vacation has the potential to be a killer live act as well with their captivating chanting in their songs that is able to grow among a sea of fans at a concert venue.

 I’ve noticed that the intros of each song are quite hypnotizing and they grab my attention as soon as the song starts. I know that if I listen to these tunes more and more, I’ll be singing them while I’m doing the dishes and they’ll be stuck in my head while a teacher gives me a lecture in first hour.  As I’m typing this right now, I can honestly say I have “I Believe” stuck in my head and I don’t have a single complaint about that.

 Look out for Basic Vacation’s first full-length album in 2014. The album will feature some of the feel-good songs from this EP.