Skillful Slides


Aniya Sparrow

Leah Fann sliding into home.

On Tuesday Sept. 8, Francis Howell Central’s JV Softball team went up against their continuous rivals at Francis Howell High School. The girls played with a lot of excitement and skill as they encouraged each other through the entire duration of the game. Though the game was very close, the Spartans lost 7-6 against the rival Vikings. Sophomore Tessa Higginbotham tells about what her team needs to do in order to keep the momentum going after this loss.

“As a team I think we played well,” Higginbotham said. “But there are times where we need to believe in ourselves more and not give up when we’re losing or in a hard situation.”

Hopefully with new found assurance in themselves can the JV Softball team come out with a win at their next game against St. Dominic High School on Sept. 21.