Getting Their Heads Back in the Game

The girls basketball team prepares for their first game since their 2 week shutdown


Riley Wania

Monica Anderson looking for a pass.

Just before winter break, the girls’ basketball program was paused for 2 weeks due to COVID-19 protocols. Their games and tournaments from the past two weeks were canceled due to the shutdown. Senior Monica Anderson was able to make the most out of their break from playing.

“Obviously being off for two weeks did have an effect on all of us and we did miss a big tournament, but I do think that it had its benefits,” Anderson said. “We have been going nonstop since the beginning of November and for many of us this was the first time in a while that we got to really enjoy Christmas break with our families and not have to worry about attending practices and winning games.”

Now they’re back and ready to start playing again. Their first game since their being off will take place tomorrow night in the Westminster Basketball Shootout. Anderson is confident in the team’s ability to prevail despite having been on break for so long. 

“We were off for 14 days and missed some important matches, but I believe that this is an obstacle that we will overcome,” Anderson said. “We will go on the floor tomorrow and play against a good opponent and get back into the swing of things.”