Riding the Bus ‘Til The End

The girls soccer season has come to an end; seniors part with their last words of wisdom

The buzzer has rung, girl’s soccer is over. Except, the seniors are leaving the field with more than their soccer bags, they are leaving with a new family. For years, the girls soccer program has been esteemed for creating friendships and family that last longer than a spring season, and seniors Gillian Nicholson, Paige Vandaele, and Madisyn French can attest to that. 

“This season was one to remember. The relationships we made both on and off the field will last a lifetime.” Nicholson said.

“Mo always tells us about family and I know leaving this season I’ll still have all these girls I can come back to for anything if I need it and they can always come to me if they need anything.” French said.

“Seniors from last year came to one of our games and that’s going to be me, they can’t get rid of me, I made this bond with them that I wouldn’t have made anywhere else if it wasn’t for soccer.” Vandaele said.

According to French, there are many lessons that can be taken away such as realizing the support system within a family.

“No matter what role you play everyone appreciates you, you will have an impact on the team no matter what because everyone thinks you matter.” French said. “That’s the most important part, whether you are on the bench you are supporting your teammates or if they have a bad play you are there to lift them up, you are always there for each other no matter what.”

Vandaele adds that confidence and faith in everyone, not only yourself, matters in order to stay uplifted as a team.

“Having confidence is a whole thing, not just you individually but in your team.” Vandaele said. “If something doesn’t work out you need to have confidence in the team because if you don’t things won’t work out and confidence will be a problem.”

Of course leaving is just as hard as being left, junior Jordyn Bailey is upset but content because they got to give the seniors an experience they didn’t get the year before.

“It’s definitely sad they are leaving. They had lost their junior season but at least they had a senior season. We had a photo day for them so they got to experience everything they didn’t get to before.” Bailey said.

Now Bailey is looking forward to the future for possibilities of advancing further is districts and taking on a leadership role.

“I’m excited to take on that leadership challenge, hopefully I’ll get captain. I’d like us to be able to advance further in districts next year.” Bailey said.

Although a bow is being tied on this year’s season French and Vandaele leave behind last words for future and current players.

“If I had any last words I’d say good luck and keep riding the bus. We’re finally getting off that bus and we can’t wait to see where they all go because there is so much talent on that team.” French said.

“I would say no matter what role you have, no matter whether you play the full 80 minutes or a token 5, you are extremely important,” Vandaele said. “You are on this team for a reason, like French said, ‘don’t get off the bus’ until that last buzzer rings.”