One Last Win


Charlie Rosser

Freshman Hannah Halterman wrestles for the ball against a Washington member.

The C-Team Girls Basketball players won their final game of the season against Washington High School on Thursday, Feb. 10th. It was a very close match, but the Spartans managed to pull ahead of the competition with a final score of 24-21. When asked about her feelings regarding the end of the season, Freshman Sophie Rosser was proud of her teammates for all of their determination.

“I think our final game reflects all the hard work we’ve put in throughout the season. We had a lot of obstacles to face, but I think we managed to persevere and make it through,” Rosser said.

Now that the basketball season has ended, many of the girls are putting their time into other sports and activities. We hope to see them come back for tryouts next winter for another great season!