Another Show For The Books


The Spotlight Players have been performing nonstop since the beginning of the school year, especially their continued performance of “ The Seussification of A  Midsummer Night’s Dream.” On Thursday, Dec. 15th, the theatre department traveled to Saeger Middle School to show their one act in front of three different drama classes. The production performance is helping the department get ready for Thescon, a state conference that invites different troupes from all across Missouri to enjoy workshops that teach on and off stage skills, watch other schools perform, and connect with other troupes. Sophomore Caleb Herschberger expresses how being at the middle school affected their performance. 

“I like that we got to invite the middle schoolers to insult us and we got to insult them back,” Herschberger said. “We had a chance to let them see that high school is on a different level.”

Last week, the Spotlight Players headed to Kansas City for their Thescon conference, and their Midsummer production was a hit, and Mrs. Kimberely Harrison won an award for her directing on this one act. On Jan. 30-31, auditions will be held for the spring musical, which will be “The Lightning Thief: A Percy Jackson Musical.”