The Final Close Call

The Varsity Girls Basketball team moved on to the second round in the district tournament, competing against Timberland High School on Sat. March 11th. The Spartans took the lead for the first three quarters; however, the game ended with a score of 33-36, ending the Spartans’ season. Sophomore Audrey Blaine contemplates the emotions of their season.

“I do feel very accomplished with the team, and I’m proud of how far we’ve come. Yet, I’m a little disappointed with our end result,” Blaine says. “After a loss so close, there is always going to be some emotions. We did celebrate each other and our seniors, but we all care so much for the game that we can’t help but to be upset.”

With their season coming to a close, both the cheer team and basketball team have shared their tearful farewells. Congratulations to the varsity girls on an amazing season and for their outstanding performance in the tournament.