Every Point Matters

With tensions high and adrenaline pumping, the varsity boys volleyball team went head-to-head against Francis Howell North on April 4. The rivalry at its peak, both teams seemingly matched every point until the very end. The first two sets were extremely close, but the Spartans played more confident and loose in the third set. Students and parents alike roared to life in the bleachers. Ultimately, the Spartans took home a win that night with a score of 3-2. Senior Connor Myers captured the intensity of playing their rivals.

“For us, it was considered our biggest game up until this point. For me, it was the first time I beat Howell North on varsity. It felt good to finally get some redemption,” Myers said. “They destroyed us last year. We really built ourselves up against North. We got nervous, but it felt like every point was earned and celebrated. I feel like that tired them out.”

Unbeaten in districts, 7-0, the Spartans roll into their next games holding the same energy and determination. Hopefully, the high of their big win will bring the team an abundance of success. Head to the next boys volleyball game to cheer and rally them to victory. The boys volleyball team had its next game April 17 at Lafayette High School.