Progress reports distributed, college visits under way

On Monday, Feb. 14, progress reports were released to students in the district. Students without a first hour could pick theirs up in the guidance office. The progress reports were released late in the district because of the snow days.

Juniors can now start to use their college visits, along with seniors who have not used theirs.

“I’m hoping it encourages [students]; it is a freebie. Kids get to go visit during the week and can sit in classes. Therefore, they can see class size and how the school functions. I would hope kids would take advantage of it,” said counselor Kathy Bargeon.

The district permits second semester juniors and any senior an allotted three college visits, with each visit being one day. The student must notify the college he/she plans to visit and go to guidance to receive a form much like a field trip slip. All teachers, a parent and the student’s counselor must sign it, along with approval from the attendance office. While on these trips, the student shows up as present for school, thus keeping a student’s attendance record clean.

Students are also required to bring back documentation of the visit to show to the attendance office. This creates an opportunity for students to visit colleges and to also go to sign up for classes. Senior students should check the deadline to sign up for their college classes. Contact your accepted college to check and see its deadlines and to schedule a visit in order to sign up.