Getting Into the Swing of Things

Senior duo, Allie Raines and Aubrey Hunter stand poised and ready for the match to begin.

On Monday, Sept. 19th, the JV and varsity girls tennis teams went head-to-head against Fort Zumwalt South in a scathing 2 hour event. With extreme heat and blazing sun, the girls played to the best of their abilities. Individual scores varied, but despite wins and losses, the Spartans will stay motivated for their next event. Senior Allie Raines keeps her head up with a unique outlook on tennis.

β€œI always say to myself that I get to play tennis rather than I have to play tennis,” Raines said. β€œIn this case, like Monday where it was 97 degrees, remembering I was able to play really helped me get through both of my games.”

Following GACs, which took place on Sept. 26th, another opportunity for the Spartans to play is approaching Sept. 29th. Join the girls tennis team at their home court to rally them on.