A Final Fermata

On Tuesday, May 9th, the jazz band held one of their last concerts in the auditorium. The night consisted of celebrating the seniors as well as presenting medals and awards. With emotions high and pressure on, the band worked hard to put on a great show. Junior Caden Scott recounted the time and preparation that went into perfecting their concert.

Our band usually prepares for the concert by getting as much exposure to all of our pieces as possible. It’s pretty simple, but the more time we have to play with each other, the greater we’re going to blend and create an enjoyable piece of music,” Scott said. “With my feature piece, we essentially do the same thing, but just spend more time focusing on balancing the sound of the band towards me, which is a little daunting sometimes. For me, especially with this last piece, I always feel the need to get in touch with some of my emotions to put on as great a performance as possible.”

With the year finally coming to an end, the jazz band must say their goodbyes to their seniors. Despite the sad parting, this year will go down as a memorable one with many successful and impressive performances. Congratulations to the jazz band for a great performance and an even better year.