It is only the beginning

Hey there! I’m Savannah McEachern and a senior here at FHC. I am pretty excited to be starting off my senior year. I have been waiting for it since middle school. Just knowing that I finally get all of the senior perks makes me ecstatic! The underclassmen may not think it is fair, but once you get to where I am, you will understand. It is a huge milestone in your life.

The only thing that I stress over is college. I can not make up my mind to save my life. I have so many different ideas that could lead me somewhere different. What if I make the wrong decision? It is too stressful to even comprehend, but who ever said this decision was suppose be easy?

One thing that I am thankful for is having my parents support me every step I take. They even help with making more suggestions and opportunities.  One opportunity that I may have is getting into the army for photography as a civilian job. My dad knows that traveling and photography has been two of my top favorite things to do, and he is willing to help any way he can. They just want the best future for me, and I am so happy to have parents that support me wherever I go and whatever I do. Now on my list of things to do: pick the right college. So, throughout the school year, I will be blogging about my decisions of college and hopefully help you make the toughest decision you may ever make of your life, no pressure.