Coffee: a drink of champions

In most respects, I consider myself somewhat of a coffee aficionado. Whether it’s morning, mid-day or midnight I always seem to have a mug in hand, enjoying my favorite hot beverage. Coffee is the fuel that powers me through each day while also satisfying my taste buds whether it be my own coffee or a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

I’ve never left the country, save Mexico, but I’ve had coffee from all over the globe. I brew my own on a daily basis—both at home and at school—and buy coffee from innumerable sources across the country. My favorite blends to make on my own are pinon blends from New Mexico or South America because of their smooth and slightly sweet attributes without any additives. I don’t normally drink my coffee black but with pinon blends it is not half-bad.

I normally spend at least two nights of every week at either the St. Charles Coffee House off McClay Road or at The Coffee Cartel in the Central West End of St. Louis. I spend these nights sitting back, listening to local talent and relaxing. The tranquility of coffee shop nights along with the craftsmanship of the baristas is unmatched by most other atmospheres. I always get speciality lattes such as “Hazilla” from these coffee shops, or a classic caramel machiatto. Either way, I always leave a satisfied customer.

To some people, coffee is for those of a much older age, but to me, coffee has been making a comeback for many years now with coffee shops popping up everywhere (even in St. Charles). As an integral part of my life, I can’t see living without it in my system. Being without coffee for a day or two completely throws off my life in unimaginable ways. In some form or another, it is woven into everything I do, how I act, and my basic motor functions. So drink on coffee lovers, continue the revolution and show the non-coffee-loving world what they’re missing.

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