Five anxious cheerleaders prepare for senior night

On Friday Oct. 28, the varsity cheerleaders will be performing at Senior Night in honor of the five seniors that will be leaving at the end of the season. Of those five seniors, Kaitlyn Gaines admits that the last minute changes the team decided on are going to benefit and give more recognition to the seniors.

“I’m glad the change was made because originally, we were only going to get mentioned, we weren’t going to walk or anything,” Gaines said. “Now we get to walk but our bios won’t be read until our winter game.”

Gaines admits that this performance will come with its sadness but also explains that with her squad beside her, she believes it will turn into a great night.

“This year, I love everyone on the team,” Gaines said, “Although I will be sad about leaving, I’m personally very excited to have made such great memories with my team.”