Suffering with sickness

Let me begin this blog with an apology; I’m sorry my dear minions for my tardiness with this blog. However, considering that I have been bedridden for the past few days, I feel like you should make an exception. Because while, yes, I am quite often hilarious, when I’m sick I’m more like a bitter old hag than a spunky teen.

This all brings me to the point that sometimes I wonder why it is necessary that students make up work from when they were sick.

Now, I’m not an idiot – I understand that giving students a free pass on all homework for absences would indubitably cause a bit of chaos. I’m not saying that it should be an every time sort of deal, I’m really not. I understand what kind of position that would put teachers in.

But, at the same time, I wish that they would extend the gesture of kindness and give some students a free pass on somethings. Maybe this is all coming up simply because I’ve missed the past couple of days, but seriously, would it be such a crime to forget about certain assignments?

Like I numerous English and Calculus assignments that I have to now makeup, and while some of them I understand are necessary, others wouldn’t really cause the end of the world if I didn’t do. Especially considering that I have high “B”s in both classes.

I just feel like a student shouldn’t be punished with an extreme work load for things they can’t control, like getting sick. Especially when they end up doing what I’m doing – working on homework when they should be trying to get better. It just seems like a backwards ideology.