The Dart

Dear The Dart Online staff,

I am from the Francis Howell Central news staff, The Central Focus. I have been tasked with checking out another high school website and they gave me yours to look at. I was very impressed by your website. You have a great variety of different blogs including Blogging Boys and dorks to name some of my favorites. Its a great way to keep your audience involved and it makes the website look really good too.

Also your hard news is great, you do a very good job of getting in depth with your stories and making sure that your audience gets the best information as possible. The story about your new security measures is something that is very important to people and its great you have that as a cover story on your page. Also, I thought that having a link to your literary magazine is a great idea to get your work out to people. It helps extend not only your news, but your writing as well. Keep up the good work I am very impressed.

Ben Berberich.