Lincoln Log

Dear Lincoln Log staff,

I have looked at your website, and I can say I am impressed. My name is Allison Comfort and I am a staff member at Francis Howell Central’s Central Focus, one of the premier student-run publications in Missouri.

I wanted to share with you what I was impressed with on your site. First of all, it is very neatly organized, a fact I noticed immediately. The sections are easily found by date, something that I would find very useful in searching the site for specific information. I also noticed that your stories all had unique photos, something that is not done as much online as it is in the physical paper. I think it’s very attention-grabbing–I noticed some stories immediately upon entering the site.

I also think it’s very admirable to be so dedicated to your First Amendment rights. Some papers allow themselves to be limited by the administration, but the first story I noticed was about infestation of vermin. It’s not pretty, but it is important to point it out to the students at large, who it affects.

I also found your opinion section refreshing; in November’s section, your staff wasn’t afraid to bring politics into the discussion, something I admire. It is often much easier to ignore an issue so you won’t turn heads, but putting political opinion out there took some guts.

I hope your staff continues the fantastic work, and continues to improve.

Best Wishes,

Allison Comfort