Making History

On Saturday, Feb. 23 Clockwork will be hosting the first ever all- ages show at Blueberry Hill down in the Loop. It is their official CD release show for their new record “Out to Sea” and features former frontman of The Urge, Steve Ewing, as the opening act. Tickets are $10 and you get a copy of their new CD with every ticket purchase.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Clockwork, you truly are missing out. Being someone who has watched several of their shows and shared the stage with them, I can vouch for how good of a show they put on. They’re exciting, loud, relaxing and peaceful all at the same time. “Coldplay and Sons” as my friends and I call them. Not to mention that on top of their older stuff (that is phenomenal) they have a whole new CD to play as well. With 100+ people already confirming they’ll be attending, this show is going to be one to remember.

They’ve been relentlessly promoting this album and they want as many people as possible to come to this CD release party. Along with a plethora of Facebook and Twitter posts, they’ve even surprised a few folks in local malls with “flash concerts” in which they serenade an unsuspecting shopper(s). They were so good in fact that they were bringing some of the shoppers to tears, prompting mall security to remove them from the premises (#punkrock). Videos of their escapades, as well as their very own Harlem Shake can be found on their Facebook page.

So come make history with us on Saturday Feb. 23 at 7:30 (doors are at 7) at the first all ages show that Blueberry Hill has ever hosted. $10 a ticket plus a copy of their new CD is a great deal in and of itself, even without an awesome show to go along with it. If you have any questions, email me at [email protected] and follow me (@ryanthesilver) and Clockwork (@Clockworkstl) on Twitter.