Superman returns

I’ve always avoided Superman like Superman avoids kryptonite. The idea of a near invincible superhero with superhuman strength and flight just doesn’t interest me quite like his mortal counterparts. When I saw the goosebump inducing teaser for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” before “The Dark Knight Rises,” that all seemed to change.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because the teaser was attached to my favorite film of 2012, or perhaps it’s the fact that my favorite director will be calling the shots. Whatever it may be, judging by the teaser trailer, “Man of Steel” just looks too promising to be a failure. My anticipation for the movie grew when the third trailer was released a few weeks ago, and I can now preach with confidence this movie will be worth the $10 for the ticket.

Lets put the pieces together; Zack Snyder – the man responsible for “300” and “Watchmen” – is at the helm and it’s produced by Christopher Nolan, known for his Batman trilogy, “Inception,” and other films. I could stop there, but that wouldn’t be any fun, would it? Music by Hans Zimmer, a cast featuring Russell Crowe, and a screenplay by David Goyer (Nolan’s right hand man for “The Dark Knight” trilogy). Add these things together and you have a top notch flick. But what’s even better than all of this? The trailer.

I like my superhero movies like I like my coffee – dark. Not really, I try to avoid caffeine, but that statement does ring true. Dark movies have always interested me more than your traditional “happily ever after” story, which explains why the Superman movies of yesteryear are about as appealing as a McDonalds cheeseburger. Judging by the latest trailer, “Man of Steel” will be offering a breath of fresh air for the Superman franchise. Snyder seems to favor a grittier Superman as opposed to the Christopher Reeve Clark Kent many have come to know and love.

The new direction is certainly no surprise. Nolan’s darker approach to Batman seemed to do wonders for a franchise that was devastated by the campy, albeit entertaining, “Batman & Robin,” and DC and Warner Bros. would be stupid not to cash in on the thing that separates them from Marvel. DC Comics appeals to a more mature audience, whereas Marvel is geared more towards children; “Man of Steel” seems to be capitalizing on this, just like “The Dark Knight” trilogy did.

Keep in mind that this is just pure assumption based on the trailer. We can only hope that the trailer wasn’t just a tease and that we’re not handed another disappointment of a Superman movie. Luckily, Lex Luthor won’t be there to ruin it this time. Still, it looks like June 14 will have to be judgement day – the day we all judge if Superman really is super.