Lessons learned while surfing web

With two snow days, I had way too much time on my hands this week. So, like any teenager, I spent most of my time online. But then the “new” Facebook layout got really frustrating and watching “Scarlett Takes A Tumble” was no longer amusing; I decided to visit a site that my friends had given props to more than once. I visited the infamous “fmylife.com,” but was highly disgusted after looking.

While some were rather depressing, like someone finding out that their spouse had been cheating on them for a year with their best friend, or that their son had been addicted to drugs for five years, others were kind of ridiculous. Such as, “Today, I  found out the guy I have been dating is heavily into a mystical card game and spends all of his money going to “Magic” card conventions across the country. FML.” Yeah, it may suck that your boyfriend may think of himself as a wizard secretly, but it could be worse… a whole lot worse. He could be a Lord of the underworld, or a vampire.

In 2007, Invisible Children, a reputable charity for the people of Uganda, released a movie about a young boy named Okello Sunday. At fifteen, Sunday had lost most of his family members and was raising himself. During the film, you see Sunday go through the death of a parent. Now living with his aunt and uncle, Sunday hardly has enough money to pay for school fees and basic needs. But Sunday shows in the movie, and still has the dream, of becoming a doctor.

I think Sunday is truly inspiring; he never said “FML” when it got hard. While it may be incredibly cheesy, he held true to his dreams and wants in life. I wish more human beings were like Sunday, the world would certainly be a better place.