Same game, different name

Senioritis, the “disease” that has infected the entire senior class. Various things contribute to this supposed disease: college acceptance letters and a yearning for graduation. But, I believe that the main reason for most people’s supposed “senioritis” is just pure laziness.

We all have procrastinated throughout our high school careers. It is human nature to wait to the absolutely last second to finish a task. While in our first three years of high school, we could blame our laziness, on well, being lazy. Once we became seniors, we finally had an excuse. We stop doing our homework and immediately blame it on senioritis.

Senioritis is much more of an excuse than an actual disorder. Sure, acceptance letters and just the pure fact that we are tired of the high school environment can cause a lack of motivation. But, these cannot possibly cause us to lose all our motivation for working. If you examine your study habits your senior year, are they really that much different than our previous habits?

The answer should be no. However, it is so much easier to blame our innate laziness on something other then ourselves. Calling it senioritis is just an excuse to not blame ourselves for our habitual laziness rather than an illness caused from nearing a new stage of our lives.