Band invites teachers to participate

This year, playing with the school band at Francis Howell Central is no longer a privilege solely reserved for students.

On Jan. 20 at the girls’ home basketball game, teachers are being asked to join the band in its performance. Mr. Nathan Griffin, the band director, sent out a newsletter in December to all teachers in the district requesting them to revisit their musical talents.

Any teacher who agrees to sign up will practice with the band that day, refreshing their musical abilities. Later that night at the basketball game against Holt High School, he or she will play alongside the A-Band, participating in as many songs as possible.

Currently, the only teachers participating in this event are the ones who commonly practice with the various band factions. However, Mr. Griffin remains optimistic about the future turn out, claiming he is currently planning on sending out another newsletter at some point this week.

“I think it will be fun for the students to see their teachers playing right next to them. I’m hoping we have a good turn out,” said Mr. Griffin.

It is necessary for all teachers wishing to partake in the festivities to send Mr. Griffin an e-mail as soon as possible.