Crews for ‘Seussical’ work to create a masterpiece

For such a production as “Seussical: the Musical,” a large crew is needed to complete all the work to create the vision of Dr. Seuss’s many tales of fictional worlds and people. For “Seussical,” there are 11 different crews, including sound, house, props, costumes, make-up, lights, set, program, publicity, video and paint. Each crew meets on a daily basis to make the world of Dr. Seuss come to life.

The largest crew is the set crew, which designs all the stage pieces to give the cast the backdrop for the characters they will bring to the stage. The set for “Seussical” was designed by crew heads with the help of Technical Director Brandon Franck.

“The set crew has been hard at work constructing platforms of varying heights in order to create the Jungle of Nool,” said Director Michelle Moll. “The idea is to create different ramps, stairs and escape routes to allow actors to appear as if they are coming through hills, caves and trees of the jungle.”

The paint and set crews are working especially hard to bring the Jungle of Nool to FHC.

“The set and paint crews plan on coming in over spring break to get ahead on some things,” said Ms. Moll.

Another main part of “Seussical” will be the costume design. Since the musical includes many different jungle creatures and citizens from Dr. Seuss’s fictional planet of Who, the costumes will reflect Seuss’s creative imagination with bright colors, feathers and glitz.

“Ms. Clifford has allowed us to use her classroom to build costumes from scratch, and we have found several different brightly colored clothing items at thrift stores,” said Ms. Moll. “The costumes are sure to be a huge part of the spectacle and excitement of this show.”

The rest of the crews, such as make-up, paint and lights, are also working very hard and coming up with original designs and effects to make the production a success, according to Ms. Moll.

“Things are really starting to come together and we are very exciting about all the work we’ve done,” said Ms. Moll.