Unexpected change in plans

When the cast for “Seussical: the Musical” returned from spring break, they found an unexpected turn of events in the first rehearsal of the week. Over break, junior Josh Burns, who played the Cat in the Hat, the narrator of the show, placed fourth in the Missouri DECA State Career Development Conference and advanced to the DECA International Career Development Conference held in Orlando, Fla. This conference is scheduled to be the same weekend as the production of “Seussical.” With just six weeks left before the show, Burns made the decision to give up his role in the show to pursue his success in DECA.

“Well, [the conference] would look good on a college application, on job applications and they offer scholarship oppurtunities,” said Burns. “DECA is really well-respected in the business world.”

Theatre Director Michelle Moll broke the news to the cast on Monday, explaining that Burns made the decision based on what would make him successful in the future. Since he would not be participating in theatre in college, it was a logical decision, she explained.

Yesterday, during a cast meeting, it was announced that a new actor had been chosen for the part of Cat in the Hat. Sophomore Sean Gunderson will be the new Cat. Gunderson had auditioned for the musical, but when he was given a part in the ensemble, he decided not to accept the part because he was also participating in two other shows. Now that those shows are closer to being over, Gunderson graciously accepted the part.

“I’m excited,” said Gunderson. “Because I do so many shows outside of school, it’s nice to come and do shows with my peers.”

Burns thinks that the his replacement will do well in the show.

“I think he’s perfect for the role,” said Burns. “He already has the Cat’s personality traits.”

Gunderson’s only obstacle will be learning his part in the six weeks left before production, but he feels confident in his abilities.

“I’m relatively familiar with the show, “ said Gunderson. “I’ve seen the show three times. I feel like I’ll be able to pull it off on time.”