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Shaun Matz

Shaun Matz, Staff Photographer

Shaun Matz is a senior at FHC, and is in his first year on photography staff for publications. Along with being a staff photographer for the newspaper, in school he has participated in Marching Band, A-Band, and Track & Field. Outside of school, he enjoys drawing, playing instruments, and reading. 

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A forgotten bottle of soda labeled “RECYCLE ME” and an energy drink can lay forgotten next to a stone. The sun shines through, showing the beautiful nature, against the man-made pollution within it.

[Photo] Colors in Nature

Caroline Kraft, Social Media Editor
May 20, 2024
Mrs. Sheri Hopkins

Mrs. Sheri Hopkins

Shaun Matz, Staff Photographer
May 7, 2024
Copy of 7S7A3504

[Photo] Mr. Andrew Steck

Jackson Koziatek, Staff Photographer
May 7, 2024
Mrs. Solverud laughs with her alto section during Chamber Choir. She has formed a close relationship with every student in her class, and is therefore able to have fun with them in class.

[Photo] Mrs. Donna Solverud

Abby Myers, Staff Reporter
May 8, 2024
Mr. Steck leans over his stand, conducting the band. He studies the score, making note of any improvements that can be made.

Steck Creates a Spark

Shaun Matz, Staff Photographer
March 20, 2024
Mrs. Lentz reading her book during SSR time. Her classroom is a breath of fresh air, and a safe, quiet place for all who enter.

‘Laxing with Lentz

Shaun Matz, Staff Photographer
February 1, 2024
Senior Nathan Rush looking for an opening to pass the ball. Throughout the close game, exceptional teamwork was required and shown through when needed.

Bending But Not Breaking

Shaun Matz, Staff Photographer
January 5, 2024
Mr. Reed shares his passion with one of his Human Anatomy & Physiology classes. Mr. Reed is one of the schools favorite teachers, and his joy for teaching, along with his emotion when he teaches is one of the biggest reasons why.

Reaching Higher with Reed

Shaun Matz, Staff Photographer
November 27, 2023
Catrina Shipley serves a student their sandwich. She has remade this students sandwich because they come to her line every day.

[Photo] Served With Care

Abby Myers, Staff Reporter
November 16, 2023
Mrs. Solverud laughs with her alto section during chamber choir. She has built a relationship with all of these students and knows them well.

[Photo] Mentoring Beyond Curriculum

Abby Myers, Staff Reporter
November 15, 2023
Baize smiles as she looks on at her students. She always brings a positive attitude into class, whenever she can.

The Bright and Brash Ms. Baize

Shaun Matz, Staff Photographer
November 2, 2023
The volleyball team lines up for the national anthem. They lay their hands on each others shoulders, showing themselves as one team.

Embracing Leadership

Shaun Matz, Staff Photographer
October 26, 2023
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