Looking Sharp


Riley Wania

Junior Morgan Corbitt is a cheerleader at FHC. When I asked to photograph her, I thought of different ways I could capture her personality, while also staying true to the idea of “spiffy,”.. My first thought: GLITTER!! Morgan is stunning inside and out, and I felt that glitter was ab accurate representation of that.

The photographers of Central Focus have been working extremely hard this entire year, trying to produce photos for our website, newspaper, and our yearbook. The photographers have done a tremendous job at creating beautiful photos despite so many restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there have been some smaller projects the photographers have been doing throughout the year that haven’t been showcased. ¬†For the next three weeks, FHCToday is going to be showcasing the different photos for the different projects that we have been participating in. The third project photos: SPIFFY.