A Different Game from the Others

The girls lacrosse team had a game different from the others on Monday, April 5, playing Hazelwood West Wildcats at Hazelwood West Middle School the game ended with a final score of 18-1. In a normal game of lacrosse there would be ten players on the field but due to a lack of players on Hazelwood’s team they played a game of 6 players on the field; having to think quickly on their feet with their new playing tactics Francis Howell Central took the dub. Junior, Abbie Vester thinks that the team as a whole did a really great job dealing with the lower numbers and they kept each other motivated.


“My favorite part was the sportsmanship our team had. Win or lose we are respectful and appreciate the other team” said Vester.


With their positive mindset and motivation will it bring them another win? You can find out when they play their next game on Wednesday, April 28.