A Nail-Biting Bout

The FHC girls’ varsity basketball team has been training and playing diligently throughout the season, building a seasonal record of 18 wins and 7 losses. According to sophomore varsity player Addie Henderson, Howell has consistently proven to be their toughest and most enjoyable competitor this season. On Monday, Feb. 13, Howell and Central went head to head yet again in a battle that resulted in a tie for about half of the game. At the very end, however, Howell snatched the proverbial rug from under our feet and swiped the win with a nail-biting ending score of 45-41. Still, Henderson hasn’t let it get her down.

“Howell plays man […] so they play us one on one, and it’s hard to move the ball that way,” Henderson admitted. “With our new offenses, it was new to us, and we just couldn’t get any moves together.”

At the mention of the team’s difficulties with the rival school, Henderson smiled brightly. “This season has been super fun. Howell is always fun to play, especially here at home with the atmosphere of the band and all the fans. Basketball has always been my favorite sport, but especially in high school specifically, [we’re all so] close and we all care about each other. Like, I think Coach Leake has the biggest heart of all of us; there’s just a sense of community and family, [whereas] with other sports we’re not as close.”

Even though they didn’t win this one, it is clear the varsity girls are confident enough in their own ability and camaraderie to not let the loss hurt their pride and good sportsmanship. The team will be going to playoffs at Howell on Mar 3.